Autism Speaks asked us to drive awareness and raise funds for a groundbreaking effort: Sequence the DNA of 10,000 families affected by autism and upload the data to the Google Cloud, allowing scientists around the world to find the missing answers to autism. A project of such huge impact required an equally ambitious and innovative idea. So we created artwork from the very thing that holds the answers to autism: DNA.

From 10,000 unique posters, to limited edition coffee table books, to an art exhibit that featured DNA art, the campaign was a direct source of donations, bringing us one step closer to decoding autism.

Case Study

We researched a DNA sequence relevant to autism and the right techniques to crystallize that kind of DNA. The result was mesmerizing microscopic photos and films of actual liquid DNA molecules crystallizing. The process was extremely complex. In order to appropriately crystallize the DNA to be photographed, we needed to experiment with various levels of density, volume and purity that would yield the best outcome. 


10,000 DNA Posters

We created 10,000 unique DNA posters to directly fund the 10,000 DNA sequences needed for the research.



In the site, users could watch the film, take control of the microscope through an interactive experience where they could create their own DNA crystal via WebGL, buy one of the 10,000 unique DNA posters and learn more about the research.


Art Exhibition

We created an art gallery where we sold large chromatic prints of the DNA photos. At the exhibit, there was a live performance by Linden Gledhill, who was exploring and projecting the outcome straight from his microscope.


Coffee Table Book

We created a book with the stories of 12 individuals affected by autism along side with the DNA art. The book was available for sale at the exhibition.







We extended our message audibly with a radio spot where the music was composed entirely based on a DNA sequence present in people with autism.



A film introduced the project and the people who would benefit from it.





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