Greens Gone Wild

We made Lean Cuisine one of the first brands on Vine with a series of pop culture real-time response videos that depict what happens when goody-two-shoes lettuce is introduced to Lean Cuisine Salad Additions. Suddenly it can unleash it’s wild flavor. (My partner and I built the set of every video with stuff laying around the office and we shot them ourselves.)


During the Oscars

(Rollover Vine for caption)


During the Finale of The Bachelor


During the WWE Night of Champions


During the Running of The Bulls


During the Superbowl


Lettuce is boring, but add Salad Additions, and Greens Go Wild...and, um, get a little "exposure" at the big game! #GreensGoneWild #Superbowl #StreakingSalad





Features: Ad Age, Coloribus, Digiday, etc.

Awards: Young Guns Award.